wooohooo !


keke :3 i am here blogging again :) hehe it has been a long time since i start blogging about my own life . This year i am gonna blog here instead of blogging at blogger since i have already private my blog and stop updating it since like 2009 ? keke x3 maybe this will become a combination of tumblr and blogger XD haha wordpress will be my photo and words blog xD hehe . i will spazz here with images and my own life . i will keep a record of my own life here . whether it is happy or not :D its the only place where i can let out all my emotions instead of telling a person face to face which i can’t do it . because i dont like telling people of my problems and troubles as i dont know how to start off and it will be awkward .____. maybe only i can share it with cheryl , my best junior which is a year younger than me . thanks for being there for me and i really appreciate you trusting me and  telling me your problems:D i love you my dear dongsaeng <3 okay shall stop here now :D

annyeong yeoreobum ~