wow , after since i became a admin at BFW , i start to like doing this job alot :> hehe . I have admin lots of things at BFW and now i shall do my own admin stuff here at my own wordpress to keep myself updated on INFINITE :D hehe ;D this is just for myself and i will also credit it to those people who first found / update the news of INFINITE :D no worries , i won’t steal credits :D But this wordpress is not only dedicated to INFINITE  but is also a place for me to shout out all my emotions :D But please don’t mistook this as a fan base for INFINITE . Its just for my own use to keep myself updated about INFINITE :D Fans are welcome to drop by and read if you don’t mind but if you mind then don’t look on my wordpress ne ? hehe ;D

annyeong yeoreobun :D ~