Hello ! I am here blogging again :D hehe

hais , feeling so emotional again because of the word : FRIENDS

i dont understand what are friends for . really . why are all my close friends kept bullying me , taking advantages of me , taking me as a fool and always left me out ? Am i that bad ? i mean i have already change a lot thanks to all your work . I start building walls around my heart , i dont share any problems/ troubles to you guys or should i say i didnt share right from the start when we became friends. my trust in you guys are already gone . I wish i can really go abroad and start a new life , with everything start from the beginning . when everything is new to  me . THAT’S MY WISH ! To start everything again and ALONE ! i think after i finish my studies in poly , i want to go for a audition in korea to make my dreams come true , i want to be a great dancer and singer . THAT’S MY WISH TOO ! ^^ and within this three years i will work hard in learning korean , dancing and singing to pursure my dreams :D just wait and see !