Translation : HanFun newspaper vol.39

INFINITE fixed the audiences’ attention on the last day of the KISS concert. The seven in vivid red jackets and black pants performed “BTD” at first. Hoya danced sharply bringing down the house. The highlight was the “scorpion dance”. They drew applause from the audiences. Opposite to the girls’ group, their dance was male and powerful. However, L greeted sweetly saying “I’m your eternal boyfriend, L”, and because of the youngest SungJong’s voice, the audience from place to place said “cute~!”
Then they became sweaty after performing “Can You Smile” and “Nothing’s Over”. Their performance reached the climax with DongWoo wiping the other members’ faces with a towel.
Leader SungKyu said “Please cheer for us with your loud voice” and they performed “Paradise” which hit in Korea last year.
With the concerts near at hand on February 25th and 26th, SungKyu said “We are practicing hard to show you good performance, so please look forward to it.”

Source : http://sodapop-xxxx.tumblr.com  

Translation by : Saki | @INFINITE7SOUL