[TRANS] (Inkigayo Mag) Dongwoo’s ghostly Experience :

Dongwoo’s mood suddenly became tense, the one that always laugh for the whole day became quiet in a sudden. DW: “in a holiday L came into my room and asked me do I want to eat cheese cake or not (fans sent them 4 pieces of cheese cake), I said yes then L went to kitchen to get it.” L didn’t come back in a while then DW got up and wanted to go to kitchen, but his body was so stiff that he couldn’t move, “I came to think for it, L was in Japan for movie shooting, he’s NOT at Korea, but I saw L went to kitchen and the cheese cake left 2 pieces only.”

When DW was telling this story, L that was sitting beside him said: “Are u feeling sad that u didn’t get to eat the cake?”


cr : Inkigayo Magazine Vol 9 via KMyungsoo_Facts | twitter