Infinite donates about 1,000 sacks of rice to charity!

On the 17th of february, Inifite made a request to their agency to donate the rice wreath’s they received as a congratulatory gift for their concert and on that day, an official from a social welfare center in Daegu received the 1,000 sacks of rice. The sacks of rice was received by the college student volunteers on the center and they showed their thanks for the donation, they will be giving these rice to the disabled elderly that needs it.

Infinite recently had a successful 2 day concert “Second Invasion” in Korea last 11th and 12th of February and they received over 50 rice wreath’s from their fans and friends. Infinite are thankful for their fans generous hearts and returned the favor by donating it to a health social center to be given to those who need it more.

Source: Newsen 

Credit: dkpopnews