After concluding their first solo concerts in Korea earlier this month, Infinite is currently preparing for their upcoming Japanese concert dates. In the meantime Woollim Entertainment started preparing a small gift to the fans, by editing live footage of the concert into a music video for the group’s track “Cover Girl”.

Woollim Entertainment recently uploaded a short teaser for the live performance video on their official YouTube account, and mentioned that the full video will be out on February 24th.

“Cover Girl” was one of three additions to Infinite’s first full length album “Over the Top”, when they revealed it as a repackage. The other two track were an orchestra version of “Be Mine”, and its title track “Paradise”.

In other news it was also revealed that the group is set to have an encore concert on April 1st, titled “Second Invasion [Evolution]“. Tickets sales will open a week from now, starting February 28th, at 8PM.

check out the video :

source : woolliment